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An immersive interactive experience, fun for groups of friends, families and co-workers alike!
Open NOW in South Shields

The TrAIn

Now available at the South Shields location, The TrAIn! The world's first AI controlled train. Be part of the team to ensure the systems are in full working order, or will something go wrong...?

The Curse of Topaz

We are proud to present our VR Escape Room, The Curse of Topaz! For 2-4 players, this game is played on our Oculus Quest 2 headsets for full a immersive experience. 

The Detectives Office

The Detective's Office

In 1951, Private Investigator Rick Murphy was investigating a case
involving a stolen priceless necklace. Suddenly, Rick vanished without a trace. Step into his office and uncover what happened to him.

An online Escape Room game that can be played anytime, with or without a host. Just purchase and play either on your own or with up to 99 people anywhere in the world! Only 1 purchase required.


An Escape Room is an immersive puzzle where you get given a scenario and have a set time limit to complete all puzzles in order to 'escape'.  

Our experience is suitable for gamers, puzzle fans, groups of friends, colleagues or departments, families, and escape room enthusiasts.  We are aiming to make our experience suitable for all comers whether you have never done one before or are a veteran with hundreds of successful escapes under your belt. 

We are open by appointment only, however our booking slots are available between:
Monday to Friday - 6pm until 9pm
Saturday and Sunday - 10am until 9pm
Bank Holidays will differ but will closely mirror the weekend availability 

There is parking to the front of the premises that is free after 6pm Monday-Saturday and free Sunday. 
There is also a council car park to the rear of the premises that is free after 5pm or £2 all day Monday-Saturday and £1 all day on Sunday. 
Also there is free parking in the area within walking distance.  

We are also less than 5 minutes walk away from South Shields' brand new interchange!

Online Escape Rooms are virtual rooms played in your internet browser where you’ll use your problem-solving skills and sharp eye to solve puzzles before time runs out. They can be purchased at any time and played at your convenience.

When you purchase one of our online Escape Rooms, you will receive a link in an email that you should share with all players on your team. When you are ready to start, everyone should open the link and follow the instructions provided on the screen. This game type is played without a host and we strongly suggest playing with a laptop or desktop computer.

If we haven't answered your question here or just want to know more about us, feel free to contact us! We won't bite!

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