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2 Players


Book the Train Escape Room experience for 2 people.

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5 Players


Book the Train Escape Room experience for 5 people.

What to expect at a Physical Game

You will be walked though a safety briefing and asked to sign a waiver saying you have understood the briefing for health and safety reasons. 

You will then be given your scenario from your Game Master and asked if there is anything we can do to make your experience as enjoyable as possible such as give additional clues or even have one of us with you. 

You will then be submersed into the game for up to 60 minutes where you will solve clues, puzzles and riddles in order to complete your given objectives. 

Depending on if you completed your objectives or not, you will be given a debrief based on the outcome of the game. You will then be asked if we can take a photograph for yourselves and our social media posts. This is optional and you can request that we do not post anything on social media regarding your visit.  

Physical Game FAQs

Yes, hot and soft drinks are available at reception. 

Absolutely! You are welcome to ask for as many clues as you want. We might not give you them if we think you are close to an answer but we will help you should you need it. 

Although you might not have been able to complete the objective, we will not lock you in as some might speculate. We will let you out once the time limit is up and debrief you from your experience. 

Yes! We offer £5 off each player who presents a valid NHS ID, Armed Forces ID, Blue Light card or Emergency Services ID or a NUS or Student ID card. 

Other offers and discounts will be posted on our social channels so keep your eyes peeled for those. 

Yes, gift cards are available either on site or at our specialist link here

Yes, you can check your balance, and even reload onto it, either in store or online here

Detectives Office Cover
The Detective's Office

In 1951, Private Investigator Rick Murphy was investigating a case
involving a stolen priceless necklace. Suddenly, Rick vanished without a trace. Step into his office and uncover what happened to him.

An online Escape Room game that can be played anytime, with or without a host. Just purchase and play either on your own or with up to 99 people anywhere in the world! Only 1 purchase required.


Online Escape Room Features

360 Navigation

Look around, zoom in to investigate further and drag-and-drop items to use them in puzzles

Play in the Browser

No need for signing up or downloading software. Just play directly in a browser.

1-99 Players

Escape rooms are about collaborating. Of course you can play as a single player but try playing with friends and family up to 99 players. 

Multi device support available

Players see each other's mouse cursors and actions in real time giving a sense of togetherness and collaboration. 

Online Escape Rooms are virtual rooms played in your internet browser where you’ll use your problem-solving skills and sharp eye to solve puzzles before time runs out. They can be purchased at any time and played at your convenience.

When you purchase one of our online Escape Rooms, you will receive a link in an email that you should share with all players on your team. When you are ready to start, everyone should open the link and follow the instructions provided on the screen. This game type is played without a host and we strongly suggest playing with a laptop or desktop computer.

The Curse of Topaz - VR Game

A pirate ship ran aground off New Caledonia in 1846. A treasure, Shiva's necklace was spotted on the ship but no one has ever been there as it is full of traps and appears to be haunted by sailors locked up and drowned in the ship.
Shiva's necklace is a necklace containing a poison capable of destroying the world. If it falls into the wrong hands, the end of the world could be near.
It appears that a curse surrounds the wreckage and that an air bubble has been created around it.
You are explorers, and you have decided to attack the secrets of Topaz to find this necklace and put it away from people who could be ill-intentioned.
It is on a beautiful sunny day that your group heads for the wreck!

£50 per team of 2, 3, or 4 players. Game can be played in two 45 minute segments or one 90 minute playthrough. 

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